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A Free Online Group Cooking Class For Women Over 40

Get ready to have some fun in the kitchen together cooking healthy,

easy-to-make recipes that your body will love!


Cooking healthy is fun and easy.

Let me show you how. 


Together, with other women over 40 who are passionate about learning to love themselves and their bodies, you’ll experience first hand how to make healthy choices in the kitchen on a regular basis with ease!


Eating healthy makes you feel good!


And who doesn't want to feel good, right? 


Are you ready to have a blast in the kitchen?

Let's do it!

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You don't have to sacrifice flavour when it comes to eating healthy. 


We all love to eat and I don't believe in sacrificing flavour when it comes to eating healthy.  


It feels good to feel good and eating fresh ingredients makes you feel amazing in your body inside and out.  


Mother nature provides us with  beautiful, colourful and delicious fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies.  


The nutrients in fresh produce is where it's at when it comes to looking and feeling youthful and living a life of energy and vitality.   


Every last Wednesday of each month, I host an online live cooking class where we make delicious, easy to make and super versatile dishes by making the most out of fresh ingredients. 


We make everything from appetizers, mains and dessert!  


Regardless of your taste buds and your type of eating habits, we can all cook together and make yummy food where you're going to want to make it part of your regular cooking repertoire! 


Love Your Body Gourmet is a free event!  Yeah Baby!!  


Love Your Body Gourmet Is Free For Women Over 40.

Come Join The Fun!

Join the free monthly cooking class!

Here is the cooking schedule.

Wednesday April 28 - 7PM EST:  Traditional Shashouka 

You know I love one dish meals!  Here's another keeper.  Lets' travel around the world for this one.  This is a dish you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Loads of fresh veggies and eggs with traditional middle-eastern/African flavours.


Wednesday May 26 - 7PM EST:  Seafood Ceviche

This is a staple dish for me every summer for the last 15 years!  Ever since I had it for the first time 20 years ago, it was love at first taste!  Such a simple dish yet so flavourful and refreshing.  Another versatile dish, you can make it with shrimp, scallops, fish..or all of the above, why not!  :-) 

Wednesday June 30 - 7PM EST:  Baked Falafel 

Making falafel is easier than you think.  Making all the usual fixings are part of what we are going to make - tahini dressing, tabouli & vegan tzatziki.  You don't want to miss this one.  

Wednesday July 28 - 7PM EST:  It's a surprise!

I'm working on something super fun!  Stay tuned.  


Join the free monthly cooking class!

Here are some of the dishes we've made in the past. 

Don't miss out on the fun together while we cook delicious healthy dishes!

Savoury Bowl 

This was the latest LYB Gourmet dish.  It is a bowl you can have for breakfast, lunch & dinner!  The quinoa makes it light and you can pretty much add anything you want on top depending on what you have in the fridge.  You can also call this dish the kitchen sink bowl!  

Vietnamese Bowl

This is a slight twist on the traditional Vietnamese bowl without sacrificing traditional flavours.  I've made my own broth here, which you don't have to of course, and added mounds of veggies to make it a one-dish meal.  Who needs to make another dish and with a dish like this!

Cauliflower Gnocchi 

Oh yeah...this one is a crowd pleaser!  You can cook them traditionally, boiled or pan-fried and both are equally delicious.  Add your favourite sauce and voila.  I even have a little cauliflower crumb on top for evidence of cauliflower.  Ha! 

Are you drooling over these photos yet?  Not to worry, I have you covered!

When you sign up for the monthly cooking, you get all of these recipes!!!  

Join the free monthly cooking class!

Meet Your Coach Amy.

Hi, I'm Amy, a health and fitness mindset coach for over 25 years.  I've helped hundreds of women achieve their health & fitness goals through the 5 Pillars of Fit & Fierce Over 40.  I help women succeed with small incremental goals that lead to long-term successes.  

On a personal note, I turned 51 in 2020 and from the age of 40, I had to learn how to navigate through hormonal and physical changes.  You get what I'm talking about ladies!! 

I had to find new ways to overcome challenges in all areas of my health and fitness such as exercise, nutrition, sleep and the all too regular hormonal changes.  

I think it's important for women over 40 to come together to share experiences, to learn and grow, during these changing times.  I want to share all that I know so we all can navigate through our next stage of our lives with ease, grace, beauty and energy!!!  That's how Fit & Fierce came about.