Love Your Body Rendezvous  

FREE Health & Fitness Coaching For Women Over 40!  

Ladies, it's time to have a rendezvous to have your questions answered so you can have a breakthrough.  To lose weight, regain your energy and feel the best in your body for good, all without dieting.




















Yes, I want FREE coaching!

Let's make a pact, the year 2021 you stop struggling with your weight, you embrace and love your body and achieve your health & fitness goals all without dieting. 


Are you ready to ensure 2021 isn't just another year of trying but is THE YEAR you breakthrough in your weight-loss, energy and feel good in your body goals, if so it's time for a Rendezvous so bring your tea, coffee or your favourite drink and join us!  


We are going to have a Love Your Body Rendezvous. It's a free monthly group coaching call to get your questions answered regardless where you are in your health & fitness journey where incredible women just like you come together to get real help and support from an experienced coach. 


Whether you need help:


- with nutrition, 

- with exercise, 

- with getting more or better sleep, 

- feeling more confident in your body,

- how to lose the weight for good, 

- how to regain your energy and vitality,


...or anything else, join me to have all your questions answered! 


The FREE coaching will be monthly, every third Wednesday of the month.  


Here is the schedule:

  • Wednesday May 19:  2pm EST

  • Wednesday June 16: 2pm EST

  • Wednesday July 21:  2pm EST


Getting older doesn't mean you have to live with the extra weight or feel bad in your body.  You just need to know what you don't know and that's what I want to help you with. 


Make 2021 the year you achieve all your goals! Join the free coaching!

Yes, I want FREE coaching!

Meet Your Coach Amy.

Hi, I'm Amy, a health and fitness mindset coach for over 25 years.  I've helped hundreds of women achieve their health & fitness goals through the 5 Pillars of Fit & Fierce Over 40.  I help women succeed with small incremental goals that lead to long-term successes.  

On a personal note, I turned 51 in 2020 and from the age of 40, I had to learn how to navigate through hormonal and physical changes.  You get what I'm talking about ladies!! 

I had to find new ways to overcome challenges in all areas of my health and fitness such as exercise, nutrition, sleep and the all too regular hormonal changes.  

I think it's important for women over 40 to come together to share experiences, to learn and grow, during these changing times.  I want to share all that I know so we all can navigate through our next stage of our lives with ease, grace, beauty and energy!!!  That's how Fit & Fierce came about.